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Welcome to The Temple Publishers, Inc., your online source for Masonic books. The Temple Publishers, Inc. is proud to own the exclusive copyrights to Carl H. Claudy’s well known “Introduction to Freemasonry” three volume series. Other Claudy titles include “The Master’s Book,” and “Old Tiler Talks,” among others.

These timeless works are valuable tools for perpetuating Masonic education, and preserving Masonic history. Previously out of print, these classic books are available again, through this online store.

For over 80 years, thousands of Masons in North Carolina have been presented the “Introduction to Freemasonry” by MWM Carl H. Claudy, as the first step in their Masonic Education. Out of print at one time, these books are available again for presentation to candidates moving through the degrees. They make a helpful addition to the “System of Masonic Education” that is recommended by the Board of Custodians here in the State of North Carolina.

Our books are printed by The School of Graphic Arts, at the Masonic Home for Children, in Oxford, NC.

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Introduction to Freemasonry

Three volume set, to be given to candidates after each degree.

1 - 9 sets

10 - 100 sets

The Master's Book

Written by an inspired Craftsman, The Master’s Book contains many helpful guidelines for the Master of the Lodge.

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

The essence and history of the craft in a very intelligent and informative matter, which gives the initiated much insight into the deeper symbolism and origins behind the rituals performed in the Blue Lodge.

Old Tiler Talks

Anecdotes and lessons learned from sitting outside the door.

About Us

The Temple Publishers, Inc. is owned and operated by Don Kehler, of Greensboro, NC. Don is currently serving as Deputy Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of NC, and has served as the District Deputy Grand Master of the 22nd Masonic District, a Past Grand Lecturer and member of the Board of Custodians, AF&AM of North Carolina.

In 2010, Don purchased The Temple Publishers, as well as the exclusive copyrights to all of Carl H. Claudy’s Masonic works. His goal is to help perpetuate Masonic education, and to preserve Masonic history.

Additionally, our books are printed by the School of Graphic Arts at the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, NC.

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