"Always have I taught immortality, and even as I raise men from darkness into light, I am a way of life.  I am a Freemason."


~Ray V. Denslow- Grand Master, Missouri, 1931

The Master's Book

Carl H. Claudy


Written by an inspired Craftsman, The Master's Book contains many helpful guidelines for the Master of the Lodge.



Introduction to Freemasonry

Carl H. Claudy

(sold as a three volume set)


This set contains one book for each degree.  Please email us to order three of any one volume.

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Coach's Pack


Save 25% off retail value with the Coach's Pack.  Pack includes one of each book that we carry.



New Master Mason's Bundle


Save 20% off retail value with this bundle. Bundle includes Introduction to Freemasonry, The Master's Book and Histories & Mysteries of Freemasonry



The Master's Bundle


Save 25% off retail value with this bundle. Bundle includes The Master's Book The Old Past Master, A Master's Wages, and The Ultimate Anthology



The Ultimate Anthology

Masonic Events & Dates in History

Keith Stockley


"...a treasure house of knowledge ..."


temporarily out of stock

The Old Past Master

Carl H. Claudy


"Masonry teaches the young and untried brother to apply to his elder brethren for instruction in the art..."



Prince Hall & His Followers

George W. Crawford, 32º


"Being a Monograph on the

Legitimacy of Prince Hall Masonry"




Old Tiler Talks

Carl H. Claudy


"...the old Tiler sits again before the door of his lodge, there to repeat the tales which made him

liked so long ago..."



History & Mysteries

of Freemasonry

Robert L. Breeding


"...I ponder the sand within the glass and think how small is a single life in the eternal universe..."



A Master's Wages

Carl H. Claudy


"...attempts to put in the tongue

of everyday life, some of the

principles  and practices

of modern Freemasonry..."



Please note that "The Ultimate Anthology, Masonic Events & Dates in History" is temporarily out of stock, and cannot be included in The Master's Bundle, or in The Coach's Pack.

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